Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings

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On his first day in office, Centrist Party President Mike Macdonald is awakened by the words, a€œSir, therea€™s been a nuclear explosion.a€ In a nanosecond, his agenda revolving around a carefully crafted financial, economic, and military renewal program for America changes. Millions of American citizens have been slaughtered and displaced. His vice president, former Indiana Governor Bryanna Dudley, is being flown out of DC on Air Force Two and will initiate the rescue and recovery organization from 40, 000 feet. Macdonald must hold the government together, but in the midst of dealing with untold aspects of the aftermath and searching for the terrorists responsible, a global currency manipulation begins devaluing the US dollar. As the countrya€™s plight rapidly deteriorates, Macdonald creates an international financial scam that must work. Invoking your courage, sense of romance, and fervor for overcoming the malicious, Rude Awakenings gives new meaning to the words a€œpolitical thriller.a€a€œBefore the nuclear attack on Detroit, gas was selling at an average of $3.88 a gallon for regular. Insteadof exploding to overfive dollars agallon, ... Macdonald rearranged his cheat sheets. a€œOil reserves willbe used to cover any shortages, anbsp;...

Title:Rude Awakenings
Author:Keith M. Donaldson
Publisher:BQB Publishing - 2012-05-09


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