Run Away

Run Away

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As the third book of the Brian Ridley series opens, Brian is one of several engineers building a new 1, 200-bed hospital near Benghazi, Libya. He soon realizes his mistake in coming to the country and returns home to England, only to find work hard to come by. Eventually he finds a job at a frozen meat processing plant and things seem to be fine. After a few months, however, Brian begins to have disputes with management when they dona€™t see things the same way. Brian is framed for something he didna€™t do, is wrongly charged with theft, and loses his job. With time on his hands and his career in ruins, Brian sets out to prove his innocence. But he is forced to plead guilty in court or his family will be put at risk. Will the truth come out so he can be exonerated? Run Away is a gripping tale of big business versus the little guy.The best place to start was the residential phone books back at the library. ... and the other for newspapers and magazines, along with local information publications and of course, the phone directories, covering most of England and Wales.

Title:Run Away
Author:Barrie Wigley
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency - 2015-04-08


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