Run With the Devil or Walk With God

Run With the Devil or Walk With God

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This autobiography is about a characters transition from a curious child, to an evil adolescent into a highly self-secure spiritual man. As a child he loves and is very close to his grandmother, whom although poor, she's always happy, very spiritual and the only real example of anyone being close to God. He loves to sit down with her and listen curiously as she discribes the beauty of heaven, aswell as reads and explaines, the at times grim prophecies of the bible. Still to young to understand, he would remain a confused and bitter unbeliever, due to all the pain and suffering that surrounded him on a daily basis. He's a child growing up in a very tough racially divided community, who never looks for trouble but trouble always finds him. At first he could care less and isn't impressed by the hoods in the fast life. But on the surface, compared to his mother and any hard working individual, it was the hoods that had it all. So by the time he'd become an adolescent, he's tired of being poor, any good he had left in him has faded and he vows to do whatever it takes to get ahead even if he has to kill! In the process he prays to the devil, makes an abundance of money, gains power and attains an unbelievable amount of notoriety. He'd become almost uncontrollable to the point, where he's very aware but dosn't care, that he only has two stops left, life in prison or eternal death in hell! Untill one fateful day when he's made to think about his only son, after a crime he'd commited that could have hurt or even killed an enemies innocent kids and thus began his road to repentance.When I came out I saw Tina and her friend giggling by the living room. I knew someone had a crush on me and I thought it was Tina. Another time around a#39;98, I was outside messing with the stereo of my car cause it wasna#39;t working for someanbsp;...

Title:Run With the Devil or Walk With God
Author:Manjuan De La Pas
Publisher:Author House - 2014-11-14


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