Run, Wolf

Run, Wolf

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One choice means heartbreak. The other, death. Nightfall Wolf Clans, Book 1 Leah Kendrick is guilty of only one crime: loving her human mate, Tom, enough to give him the gift of The Bite. The Pack council is merciless, and the punishment swift. In an instant everything shea€™s ever known is ripped away, and theya€™re turned out into the long winter with nothing. No money, no car, and no protection from a variety of creatures whoa€™d like nothing more than to take down a lone wolf. Friendless and broke, they form a daring plan to take back whata€™s theirs and chase safety north. But the Pack has other ideas. And with time running out ita€™s about to call their bluffa€bFew things were more insidiously depressing than reducing all your belongings to one suitcase and a couple of cardboard Smirnoff boxes. A good Buddhist I would not make. Choosing between three a€œfavoritea€ jeans, between sweaters and anbsp;...

Title:Run, Wolf
Author:Keith Melton
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2009-08-25


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