Sail Away My Friend

Sail Away My Friend

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On a beautiful September day Jude hurries to be with her best friend, Lexy, who is dying of cancer and has very little time left. That last week of her friend's life will be highly emotional, but also quite surprising. Jude is not prepared for the life review she will experience, as she writes letters to her friend's young children. It has been five years since her own tragic loss, and she has worked hard to put it behind her. She now dreads losing Lexy. Yet, the unexpected courage, acceptance, and peace that Lexy shows facing death will be her final gift to her friend. Sail Away My Friend is a poignant story of two friends supporting each other through life and death. It's a qmust readq for anyone who has ever lost someone they love. My friend, You helped me stand when I thought I could not. You helped me see when I was blinded. You made me laugh when I would have cried. You showed me life when All I could see was death. You gave me hope when I could find none. You made me proud to call you friend.About a year after my husband had died, I was still struggling to get on with my life. Outwardly I ... In talking I realized how the guilt I felt was associated with Herba#39;s death. ... I parked my car and walked the short distance to my husbanda#39;s grave.

Title:Sail Away My Friend
Author:Judith Hunter
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-05


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