Sailing Bright Eternity

Sailing Bright Eternity

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The final chapter of humanity's future has begun and one man, Nigel Walmsley, has been alive through it all. An ancient scientist from the distant past, Walmsley had been marooned inside an anomaly of time and space. From here he recalls Earth's desperate struggle against the mechs, a violent artificial intelligence dedicated to total annihilation. In a strange space-time continuum called the Esty, the last few survivors from humanity's ravaged planets have taken refuge, readying themselves for a final stand against their ruthless executioners. Three generations of men stand between the mechs and total oblivion for the human race: Toby Bishop, a young warrior-in-training; Killeen Bishop, Toby's father and leader of the last remnants of humanity; and Killeen's own father, long believed dead, but now mysteriously returned to his family. As the mechs continue to carve their swathe of destruction through the galaxy, these three men hold the sole hope for the survival of the human race.It was a threedecker with gingerbread railings and a pyramidshaped pilothouse perched atop. ... Stan caught one and looped it expertly about a stay. ... Zoms were mostly men, since they were harvested for heavy manual labor. ... Toby and between loads she put her hand on his leg, directly and simply, and then slipped her fingers around to cup his balls. ... a€œToby ... came here ... time . ... It was in the tottering last stages of its second life, the black mysteriesa#39; energy now seeping from it.

Title:Sailing Bright Eternity
Author:Gregory Benford
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-03-29


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