Sailing with the Stars

Sailing with the Stars

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This is a detective thriller, packed with action and suspense, for the young, both boys and girls, the young at heart, and those who wish they still were. Care has been taken to ensure the non-nautical reader won't feel all at sea, so to give these shipmates a hand, the sometimes unusual phraseology is explained. But the author does want you to really feel you are climbing the ratlines, hauling yourself up by your cold hands grasping the greasy rigging, whilst you look up at the mast head swaying across the dark threatening clouds, before climbing onto the yardarm to bundle up the sail. It's also possible that some might think the idea of Knights Templar being involved is just a bit fanciful. Be assured there are still some afloat today. In this case, four teenage pupils from the Knights Templar School in the west of England (yes, it does exist!) outwit a criminal gang, the police and the customs, but delight the intelligence agencies.Ben had his Canon EOS 20D, and Jon showed his Casio digital camera, which was a Christmas present, and he self-consciously wondered if it was up to the task. ... got there is a Casio Exilim zoom, with a 7.2 mega-pixel capability. Youa#39;ll get ... Just read the instruction book, and if you have any queries, ask Ben or me.

Title:Sailing with the Stars
Author:Tony Harris - 2006-07-01


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