Saint Woody

Saint Woody

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The Ohio State Buckeyes have been a powerhouse in college football for decades, with numerous national championships and NFL draftees to their credit. With such a successful history, ita€™s no wonder that the passion for Ohio State football has reached a level of devotion that has religious overtones. Saint Woody: The History and Fanaticism of Ohio State Football is a Bill Brysona€“style look at Ohio State football and the spiritual fanaticism that surrounds it. Bob Hunter tracks the development of this powerhouse program from its earliest days to its heights under Woody Hayes, the de facto king of Ohio State football. Hayes led the team to three national championships and a record of 205-61-10 over a twenty-eight-year period and was at the heart of the a€œTen-Year War, a€ a particularly intense period in the infamous Ohio Statea€“Michigan rivalry. Hunter also looks at the present-day state of Buckeye football and the teama€™s scarlet-and-gray-clad followers, as well as its legion of detractors, who voted Ohio State as the a€œmost hateda€ college team in a nationwide survey. America lovesa€”and hatesa€”a winner. Irreverent, honest, insightful, and always entertaining, Saint Woody will appeal to anyone whose spirit has ever lifted when hearing that famous cry a€œGo Bucks!a€always be the first, which isna#39;t all that bad ifyou think if about it. ... For thirty-seven years, one succinct phrasea€”a€œthe only two-time Heisman Trophy winnera€a€”has been attached to Griffin like a ... return a box of wrong-sized nails at the Home Depot and have the clerk look at your credit card and utter those fateful words: a€œ Say, anbsp;...

Title:Saint Woody
Author:Bob Hunter
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2012-08-01


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