Sane Mommy

Sane Mommy

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I'm a career mom and like most career moms, I try to do it all but was starting to get overwhelmed. I stepped back and examined what I was doing and what can be done differently. I have taken everything I discovered on my journey in addition to everything I learned from the matriarchs of my family and put it all within the cover of this book to share with every mother who has found themselves struggling to keep up with everything. I have included recipes, money saving tips, relaxations tips, and most importantly - how to keep your sanity.This store has a rewards card that mails you all types of coupons and on-time discount cards. Boys usually like to ... JC Penny and Kohla#39;s are great stores to purchase clothes for your childa#39;s out and about outfits as well as their dress clothes for reasonable prices. Overall to ... If pretty much set dress code like my husband, it is.

Title:Sane Mommy
Author:LaWanda Lacy - 2011-12-01


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