Sara's Story and the Impact of Alzheimer's

Sara's Story and the Impact of Alzheimer's

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Sara would choose to be remembered for the person she was-a whole person having lived a full, productive life. She was far more than one who succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Her story is of one who overcame obstacles by virtue of her inherent gifts. She made her mark as a faithful wife, mother, and exemplary educator. In her chosen field of speech therapy, she was trained by pioneering professionals who found in her the perfect disciple. Sara touched the lives directly and indirectly of many thousands of children in a vital way. That way was through helping children and youth to build their speech and language skills. She constantly emphasized the pragmatics of communication-communication that was practical, effective, and facilitative of positive interpersonal relationships. She had health problems to contend with and she did so with courage. In later life, she was able to deal with Alzheimer's in a dignified way. She had the aid of others in doing so. Particularly, she had her husband who stood by her, demonstrating the power of love. The story of this love is told dramatically through her husband's journal written during the crucial years of their battle with this tragic disease.The effect was like the Chinese torture in which persistently dripping water would drive one mad. ... Things difficult to secure such as the TV were moved in a Ua€” Haul trailer behind their Ford sedan. ... Sara and Genea#39;s mobile home was located at the rear of the park, at the edge of a moderately steep embanka€” ment. ... Pecan trees also grew there and Sara and Gene competed with the neigha€” bors and the Tranchinas in picking them up off the ground to be cracked open and eaten.

Title:Sara's Story and the Impact of Alzheimer's
Author:Gene Ostrom
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-06


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