Satisfied Customers Seldom Sue

Satisfied Customers Seldom Sue

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Satisfied Customers Seldom Sue: A Guide to Exceptional Customer Service in Long-Term Care Carol Marshall, MA How satisfied are your residents? One satisfied resident could equal thousands of dollars of income for your facility. If one resident has a positive and pleasant experience in your care, what could that mean for your business? They'll tell their families and their families will tell their loved ones and friends. Plus, your facility's care is in the spotlight more than ever with the implementation of the five-star rating system. So isn't it worth a few extra steps to ensure that your residents are happy and well taken care of? The importance of good customer service is often taken for granted. We say we strive for it and that it is important but what actions do we take to ensure it? Take action and boost your facility's reputation in the community with qSatisfied Customers Seldom Sue: A Guide to Exceptional Customer Service in Long-Term Care, qa new HCPro book and CD-ROM designed to cultivate strong customer service skills in your long-term care nurses, frontline staff, and any other staff member who interacts with residents and families.Satisfied residents and families results in: A decreased chance of a lawsuit Positive word of mouth marketing which leads to increased revenue Improved working relationships with residents, families, staff, and the media Add a dash of humor to your day Author Carol Marshall, MA, offers a fun, innovative approach to learning that just can't be compared. Her quirky titles and humorous commentary give a fresh and enjoyable approach to customer service in the long-term care environment.Provide five-star customer service, and put your resident's needs first. qSatisfied Customers Seldom Sueq breaks down the logic behind the newly released five-star rating system. The industry is still reeling from this new, publicized rating of nursing home care. With this essential resource you'll understand the five-star nursing rating system and what it means to you and the public. This timely and trustworthy training manual helps you make sense of it all. At more than 250 pages, this qall in oneq resource gives you: An entire chapter devoted to the five-star nursing home compare process. A breakdown of the relationship between interviewing skills and the MDS 3.0 with a strong emphasis of how customer service relates to the new assessment system. The ultimate qall in oneq customer service resource that can be used and understood by everyone in the facility from CNAs to the laundry staff. Instant access to everything you need to conduct training. Customize PowerPoint presentations, inservices, and templates to meet the unique needs of your organization. Bonus CD-ROM included The companion CD-ROM contains helpful tools and supplements that make training easy. Simply insert the disk for instant access to: Easy-to-use PowerPoint presentations to accompany Chapter 4 and Chapter 6. These presentations provide a hands on and interactive approach to learning. Eleven ready-to-use inservices that help you save time. It's easy to teach and evaluate your staff in providing good, quality customer service, when you have inservices that cover: Service Honesty Attitude Respect Business cards Appearance Putting family first Resident needs Establishing rapport Giving customers what they want Interdependency A 16-page handbook called the Resident and Family Handbook. Simply print and hand out this tool to incoming families. It explains everything from the Medicare and Medicaid admission process to providing an explanation of each staff member's role in the facility. Admitting a loved one into a nursing home is stressful for families. Facilities can provide this handbook to new families and residents as part of a welcome kit to help ease the transition. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Why Customer Service is the Key to Success Introduction A Brief History of Customer Service Why is Customer Service Important? How Customer Service Affects Litigation How Consumers Measure Quality Healthcare Three Distinctions of Quality Reputations Are Earned How to Demonstrate Quality Customer Service Pitfalls of the Tour The Tour The True Picture What Do You Need Hon? Give Customers What They Want Chapter 2: MDS 3.0 Interviews and Customer Service Customer Service Impact on the MDS 3.0 Interviewing Skills Chapter 3: Making the Five-Star Rating on Nursing Home Compare Every Facility Wants Five Stars State Inspections Resident Interviews The Family Interview Chapter 4: Families Aren't Brussels Sprouts . . . You Can't Just Scrape Them Off Your Plate The Impression of the Long-Term Care Industry New Versus Old Families and Facility Reputations Families Are the Frontline Customers Interdependency: Staff Depends on the Residents and Their Families Staff Responsibility for Reputation Ten Strategies for Building Successful Family Partnerships Seven Signs of Families in Conflict Initiate Change Don't Take it Personally It Is Dangerous to Label Others Broken Promises The Broken Promise and the Family Provide Support and Guidance to Families Keys to Successful Admissions: Putting Your Best Foot Forward A Good Idea to Help New Families Customer Service and the Care Plan Chapter 5: The Difficult Family Managing the Difficult Family How to Approach the Difficult Family The Difficult Husband How Staff Can Make A Difference Chapter 6: Train Staff Members to Provide Top-Notch Customer Service I Am Here For You Introducing SHARE To Staff The SHARE Training Guide Make SHARE Part of the Culture Service Honesty Attitude Respect Ethics Chapter 7: How to Measure Customer Satisfaction The Survey Says . . . The Welcome Complaint Handling the Complaint Begin the Investigation Find the Solution Chapter 8: Is That the 60 Minutes Van in the Parking Lot What the News Media Does to Get the Story Crisis Plan Communications Employees Ten Steps to Managing A Crisis Appendix A: Resident and Family Handbookaquot; This book and CD-ROM package is designed to cultivate strong customer service skills in your long-term care nurses, frontline staff, and any other staff member who interacts with residents and families.aquot;

Title:Satisfied Customers Seldom Sue
Author:Carol Marshall
Publisher:Hcpro Incorporated - 2009


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