Savings Bond Advisor

Savings Bond Advisor

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Savings Bond Advisor will introduce you to the Cinderella of investments, the U.S. Savings Bond. Financial pundits have neglected the Savings Bond for a generation, but savvy investors haven't.As the clock ticks towards midnight, learn why it's time to abandon the uncertain investment strategies of the wicked step-brokers and join the partygoers who will get back every penny they invest plus interest.Most people don't realize it, but the Savings Bond has been dressing for the ball since the U.S. Treasury introduced the inflation-protected Series I Bond and online accounts at Treasury Direct.After a weekend reading Savings Bond Advisor, you'll understand how Savings Bonds work, the history of inflation, why the Series I bond is an excellent choice for the low-risk portion of your investment portfolio, and how to open an online investment account directly with the US Treasury.If you already have an investment in Savings Bonds, your weekend with this book will teach you how to avoid the Stinker Bond Penalty, the Double-Taxation Trap, the Deferred-Tax Time Bomb, and Hidden Interest-Rate Penalties. You'll also find out that some older Savings Bonds are a bad choice for almost every investor and what to do if you own one.If you've just inherited Savings Bonds or are the Executor of an estate holding Savings Bonds, you'll learn the pros and cons of the many options the estate has in terms of taxes, redemption, and re-registration of the bonds. You'll get links to the correct forms to use and detailed instructions on what documentation you'll need to present.The book includes access to a web site,, which has the latest information about Savings Bond interest rates and program changes, as well as links to the forms you need to replace lost bonds, change ownership, settle estates, and receive the Savings Bond college education tax-deduction.Low-risk means no chance your investment will ever be worth less than what youa#39; ve put into it. ... Unless you have a working crystal ball and know how markets are going to perform in the future, your best bet is to split up your ... As wea#39;ve seen since the stock market bubble burst, many investments can lose value drastically.

Title:Savings Bond Advisor
Author:Tom Adams
Publisher:Alert Media LLC - 2007-01-01


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