School Shootings

School Shootings

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School shootings are a topic of research in a variety of different disciplinesa€”from psychology, to sociology to criminology, pedagogy, and public healtha€”each with their own set of theories. Many of these theories are logically interconnected, while some differ widely and seem incompatible with each other, leading to divergent results about potential means of prevention. In this innovative work, leading researchers on the topic of school shootings introduce their findings and theoretical concepts in one combined systematic volume. The contributions to this work highlight both the complementary findings from different fields, as well as cases where they diverge or contradict each other. The work is divided into four main sections: an overview of current theoretical approaches and empirical models; application of these theories to international cases, including Columbine (USA), Emsdetten (Germany), and Tuusula (Finland); a critique of the influence of the media, both in the portrayals of past events and its effect on future events; and finally an overview of existing models for prevention and intervention, and measures of their success. The result is a comprehensive source for current research on school shootings, and will provide a direction for future research.means that the school staff are able to identify these developments and case consultation seems to be a viable method ... vollstaendig_fin.pdf;jsessionid= D65789033C8191D673B196E7516A4910?hosts. ... New York: Springer. ... A retrospective study of school safety conditions in high schools using the Virginia threat assessment guidelines ... Guidelines for student threat assessment: Field- test findings.

Title:School Shootings
Author:Nils Boeckler, Thorsten Seeger, Peter Sitzer, Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-13


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