Science and Science Teaching

Science and Science Teaching

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This core text for the Ka€“8 methods course in science is a practical guide to teaching science in inquiry-centered and standards-based classrooms. Its inclusive coverage of the major domains of science includes examples from the studies of life, physics, earth, space, and environment. This edition integrates technology thoroughly with science content, instructional methods, and cues to monitoring student development. Marginal icons focus on implementing standards in lessons, highlighting the National Science Education Standards, the Benchmarks for Science Literacy, the National Educational Technology Standards, and the Standards for Technological Literacy. Practical classroom-tested suggestions are provided to help teach students with special needs, differing abilities, and diverging learning styles.... 32 advantages of, 11 technology goal, 324 use of, 51 Insulator, 396 Integrated lessons, 382 on the Internet, 391 planning, 379 process ... 162 Journals, 175, 176 moon journal, 200 Just Ducky, 32, 33 Key dichotomous, 148 Keyboards braille, 60 Kid Pix, 67, 153 Kidspiration, ... learners, 220 exceptional, 26 imaginative, 219 motivating, 25 random 217 reaching, 88 sequential, 217 Learning about insectsanbsp;...

Title:Science and Science Teaching
Author:Sharon Sherman, Robert Scott Sherman
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin College Division - 2003-07


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