Science Fiction in the Real World

Science Fiction in the Real World

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No ordinary critic, Norman Spinrad explicates, celebrates, and sometimes excoriates science fiction from the privileged perspective of an artist armed with intimate knowledge of the craft of fiction and even of the writers themselves. In these 13 essays, Spinrad urges science fiction as a genre to reach its potential. He divides the essaysa€”new works written specifically for this book combined with those that appeared in Isaac Asimova€™s Science Fiction Magazinea€”into five sections: qLiterature and Genre: A Critical Overview, q in which Spinrad establishes his critical standards; qAlternate Media: Visual Translations, q a discussion of comic books and books made into movies; qModes of Content: Hard SF, Cyberpunk, and the Space Visionariesq; qPsychopolitics and Science Fiction: Heroesa€”True and Otherwiseq; and qMasters of the Form: Careers in Profile, q discussions of Sturgeon, Vonnegut, Ballard, and Dick.TheE.C. horror comics, like the science fiction of the 1950s, were a commercial genre in the process of evolving into a ... found harmless to their all-too- impressionable children, comics went in the direction of Superman and Captain Marvel andanbsp;...

Title:Science Fiction in the Real World
Author:Norman Spinrad
Publisher:SIU Press - 1990


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