Science in Russia and the Soviet Union

Science in Russia and the Soviet Union

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By the 1980s the Soviet scientific establishment had become the largest in the world, but very little of its history was known in the West. What has been needed for many years in order to fill that gap in our knowledge is a history of Russian and Soviet science written for the educated person who would like to read one book on the subject. This book has been written for that reader. The history of Russian and Soviet science is a story of remarkable achievements and frustrating failures. That history is presented here in a comprehensive form, and explained in terms of its social and political context. Major sections include the tsarist period, the impact of the Russian Revolution, the relationship between science and Soviet society, and the strengths and weaknesses of individual scientific disciplines. The book also discusses the changes brought to science in Russia and other republics by the collapse of communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s.A Short History Loren R. Graham ... Before the advent of industrialization there was a strong school of ecology and conservation in the Soviet Union, one with important ... conservation and identifying the roots of Lysenkoism: Models of Nature: Conservation and Ecology in the Soviet Union, 1917- ... 298. Bibliographic. essay.

Title:Science in Russia and the Soviet Union
Author:Loren R. Graham
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1993


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