Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript

Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript

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Author note: In Adobe InDesign CS6, the changes to InDesign's scripting DOM are absolutely minimal. Therefore, the information in this title is valid and up to date for CS6. Updated: August 2010. Author Peter Kahrel updated this Short Cut to cover InDesign CS5. InDesign provides a powerful setof tools for producing beautifuldocuments. While you can certainlydo all your work by hand throughInDesign's graphical interface, thereare many times when it's much easier towrite a script. Once you've automateda task, you can run it over the wholedocument, ensuring consistency, orjust when you need it, simplifying andspeeding your layout process. All ittakes is a bit of JavaScript knowledgeand a willingness to explore InDesign'sprogramming features.Figure 6 you see CS4a#39;s viewer, CS3a#39;s OMV looks different but works virtually the same. The OMV has three panes of interest ... Secondly, the classes are sorted case-sensitively, so that PDF precedes Page. Finally, the object name Applicationanbsp;...

Title:Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript
Author:Peter Kahrel
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2009-04-05


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