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This book was developed mainly from the selected presentations and contribu tions made during the 3rd Biennual European Conference on Fish Processing in Grimsby, UK, 29th June-1st July 1999, which was sponsored by the Society of Chemical Industry, University of Lincoln, and North East Lincolnshire Council. The book is divided into three sections preceded by an introductory chapter providing an overview of seafood quality, technology and nutraceutical applica tions. The first section (Chaps 2-10) describes a range of aspects of seafood quality from the impact of slaughter procedures, practical evaluation, texture, measuring fish content, protein functionality, histamine toxicity and flavour; the second section (Chaps 11-13) covers value-added waste products, automation in fish processing and water treatment; the final section (Chaps 14-16) dis cusses food and health applications of marine nutraceuticals/functional foods. Contributing to this volume are researchers from different countries who are well recognised in their respective areas of expertise, providing a diverse and global perspective of the issue of seafood quality, technology and nutraceutical applications.An electronic nose comprises an array of electronic chemical sensors with partial specificity and an appropriate ... A schematic diagram of an electronic nose 10.3. 1 High Temperature Sensors MOS Sensors These consist of.

Author:Cesarettin Alasalvar, Tony Taylor
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2002-06-13


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