Searching For Happily Ever After

Searching For Happily Ever After

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This is the second part of the authora€™s autobiography, and it begins where the fi rst volume a€œWhere Is Happily Ever After?a€ ended, at New Years 1980. This is a marriage in terrible trouble and there is very little time to heal it since the author is scheduled to leave soon to attend Air Force Offi cers Training School in Texas, nearly a thousand miles west of where his family is currently living. Several crises arise in a short period of months that change the course of their lives forever. The story expands to many different locales around the world and adds many characters as situations evolve. Faithful to his search, the author continues to seek the elusive a€œhappily ever aftera€ life that he has always wanted. You military buffs will love the aviation aspects of the story; the emotional side goes from ultimate highs to extreme lows and youa€™ll fi nd yourself deeply involved with this rollercoaster ride. Live this life as the author did through the fi rst six years of the 1980s; youa€™ll be glad you did as you work towards the conclusion in the next volume of this story, Paradise long last! Extensively illustrated with hundreds of photographs that take you around the world, you will watch this story develop over the next six years. If you lived through the 1980s, you will surely relate to this story. If you were too young to remember those times, the story will fascinate you and hold your interest as it is timeless in its energy and emotions. Will happily ever after and love that lasts ever become a reality? Come along on this journey and see for yourself.I assumed they were headed back up to the school by playing music and walking up the nearly deserted street. ... amazed that they had found a way to put a guitar amplifier on to a two-wheeled dolly with some sort of battery hookup so now guitars could be part of a marching band. ... As I flew back to Okinawa, these photos keep reappearing in my head like a slide show, The diagram is from Wikipedia.

Title:Searching For Happily Ever After
Author:Christopher B. Scharping
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-10-29


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