Secondhand Spooks - December 32nd

Secondhand Spooks - December 32nd

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'I used to be afraid of the dark. I imagined there were all sorts of ghosts and ghouls lurking in the shadows at night. If only I'd known then, what I know now...' Murphy. Twelve-year-old Murphy Moss has a fascination for ghosts, mysteries and anything creepy. He ends up working a few hours a week at the Secondhand Spook shop. The shop's owner supplies ghosts, phantoms and other unworldly creatures to those who want to buy or hire them for special occasions. The trouble starts when one of the Secondhand Spooks, Lucky Eddie, goes missing. Lucky Eddie has been darkled (captured by three evil ghouls known as the Darkles). The Darkles have a plan to cause chaos at the Creepy Castle when ghosts from all over the world gather to celebrate the night of December 32nd. Murphy and his friend, Evie Snow, become involved in the trouble, along with a lively and fascinating selection of weird characters including: the Freaky Phantom, Raggety Wraith, Rattlebones the skeleton, Mr Macabre the Horrible Highlander, the Spectre Inspector, Sebastian Knight and his ancient ghostly butler, Fossil, and Un-Dead Fred the cat. Secondhand Spooks - December 32nd is a children's book with an exciting plot and a great variety of wonderful characters. Set in a fascinating world of ghosts, ghouls and phantoms, the book is ideal for those looking for a spooky and humorous read. Includes some illustrations.a#39;Perhaps ita#39;s better this way at the moment.a#39; A grey envelope suddenly slid across the floor of the shop and the sound of someonea#39;s shoes on the ground as they ran away could be heard. The letter was address to Mr Boo. It said: URGENT.

Title:Secondhand Spooks - December 32nd
Author:De-ann Black
Publisher:Toffee Apple Publishing - 2010


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