Secrets of Good Living

Secrets of Good Living

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qAre we actually living a life or are we just alive? Good living means following a lifestyle that is full of fresh beliefs and ideas, and one that includes the enthusiasm and the thrill to better what is already available to you. We enter this world crying, keep complaining throughout our lives, and ultimately die in despair. It is rightly said that we get just one life to live and so we should live it fully. This book tries to help us to live that life. It discusses the various obstacles we face in our lives and how to overcome them in the best way that we can. We all live desiring big success and happiness. But actually in order to achieve big happiness we often overlook countless chances of small happy moments. This book teaches us to value such small and precious moments and to live them to the fullest. Happy people do not necessarily possess everything; they obtain happiness from whatever they have. The main objective of this book is to enable every person to achieve success and happiness in their lives. qIn a manual defrost refrigerator, the freezer should be setto defrost regularly. a€c Dona#39;t keep thedoors ofyour refrigerator open fora long time. a€c Regularly check the gasket ofyourfridge (rubber lining door). a€c Keep things covered in the fridge.

Title:Secrets of Good Living
Author:Brij Bhushan Goel
Publisher:Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd -


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