Secrets of the Oracle Database

Secrets of the Oracle Database

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Secrets of the Oracle Database is the definitive guide to undocumented and partially-documented features of the Oracle Database server. Covering useful but little-known features from Oracle Database 9 through Oracle Database 11, this book will improve your efficiency as an Oracle database administrator or developer. Norbert Debes shines the light of day on features that help you master more difficult administrative, tuning, and troubleshooting tasks than you ever thought possible. Finally, in one place, you have at your fingertips knowledge that previously had to be acquired through years of experience and word of mouth through knowing the right people. What Norbert writes is accurate, well-tested, well-illustrated by clear examples, and sure to improve your ability to make an impact on your day-to-day work with Oracle. Table of Contents Partially Documented Parameters Hidden Initialization Parameters Introduction to Data Dictionary Base Tables IND$, V$OBJECT_USAGE, and Index Monitoring Event 10027 and Deadlock Diagnosis Event 10046 and Extended SQL Trace Event 10053 and the Cost Based Optimizer Event 10079 and Oracle Net Packet Contents Introduction to X$ Fixed Tables X$BH and Latch Contention X$KSLED and Enhanced Session Wait Data X$KFFXP and ASM Metadata ALTER SESSION/SYSTEM SET EVENTS ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA ALTER USER IDENTIFIED BY VALUES SELECT FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE DBMS_IJOB DBMS_SCHEDULER DBMS_SYSTEM DBMS_UTILITY Perl DBI and DBD::Oracle Application Instrumentation and End-to-End Tracing Extended SQL Trace File Format Reference Statspack Integrating Extended SQL Trace and AWR ESQLTRCPROF Extended SQL Trace Profiler The MERITS Performance Optimization Method TNS Listener IP Address Binding and IP=FIRST TNS Listener TCP/IP Valid Node Checking Local Naming Parameter ENABLE=BROKEN Default Host Name in Oracle Net Configurations Session Disconnection, Load Rebalancing, and TAF Removing the RAC Option Without Reinstalling OERR Recovery Manager Pipe Interface ORADEBUG SQL*Plus CommandOn Windows, the undocumented switch -create of the asmtool command is used to create cooked files for use byASM. ... following contents in %ORACLE_HOME %\database: instance_type = ASM asm_diskstring = a#39;c:\oradata\*a#39; Next, create a Windows service for the ORACLE ASM instance with oradim: C: ... C:agt; net start | grep -i asm OracleASMService+ASM Now we are ready to start the ASM instance .

Title:Secrets of the Oracle Database
Author:Norbert Debes
Publisher:Apress - 2009-06-01


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