Secrets of the Snake Charmer

Secrets of the Snake Charmer

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Note that there is a companion website for this book and it can be seen at: Humans and snakes have an intimate and ancient relationship that often revolves around either love or hate. Snakes can be seen as gods, spiritual messengers, symbols of fertility, and guardians of resources in virtually all cultures. But to those that fear them, snakes are seen as venomous creatures that cannot be trusted. In Secrets of the Snake Charmer, John Murphy, a research associate of the Division of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, provides an in-depth, twenty-first century look at snakes utilizing the published research of other herpetologists as well as his own personal experiences and speculations. Murphy covers a wide range of topics such as the adaptability of snakes, the ways in which evolution has tinkered with snakes during the last 160 million years, and the impact snakes have on the ecological communities they live in. While sharing ideas about the origin of snakes, rattlesnake rattles, and spitting in cobras, Murphy presents an innovative portrayal of snakes that proves they co-evolve with their prey, predators, and parasites in order to fulfill a significant and novel role in the web of life.In December of 1953 he had just completed writing an identification key to Tanganyika snakes, and was preparing to write a more extensive guide to the ... A diagrammatic overview of the venom apparatus of. 73 Secrets of the Snake Charmer.

Title:Secrets of the Snake Charmer
Author:John C. Murphy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-04-16


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