Seduction Force Multiplier 2: Power of Routines - Over 700 Scripts, Lines and Routines

Seduction Force Multiplier 2: Power of Routines - Over 700 Scripts, Lines and Routines

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(BONUS! Includes Audio recordings of the actual routines in the book! All 700 of them!) Download Link found inside! It will give added insights on the overall game strategy to put back routines that were missed in standard teachings from routine based systems, that only produced qSocial Robotsq. The mistake of the old teachings is they had you memorize random routines, although were useful? Were simply out of context in the flow of conversations from the qsetsq or targets. If you were naturally talking about Cars, you had to transition into talking about Cs and U smiles and gay cats? That's retarded! True routine game does not need you to force segue routines, just so you can use them! You have to roll with the punches (devastating blows at that) and flow naturally! The feeling should be as effortless as if you were doing Natural game or engaged in normal conversations with real people. This book has enough canned materials or templates that can be customized and reworded (highly encouraged) to fit exactly how you converse, and your own unique game styles and personality. As with the problem of those doing routines? They only had a miniscule collection of routines memorized. They were obscure topics, out of the way in typical conversations, and not easy to implement in conversations. This is because the Seducer has no way to INTERNALIZE and have ready access to the materials! This is also why the audio recordings are included to serve as your Line Feeder, anytime, anywhere, even if you're doing another task! So you can practice even while sleeping and really absorb the materials through different modes of internalizations. This book series' purpose is not just to give you routines, but for you to ABSORB and actually have ready memory access to the materials whenever you need them in the field! Over 700 hundred of them!The Seduction Force Multiplier 1 Bring Out Your FULL Seduction powers through the Power of Routines, Drills, Scripting and Protocols The Seduction Force Multiplier 2 Scripts and Routines Book The Seduction Force Multiplier 3 PUA Routines Memory Transplant ... How To Master Resilience And Be Invincible To Lifea#39;s Disappointments And Failures The XFactor Manual Learn How To be A Model Evenanbsp;...

Title:Seduction Force Multiplier 2: Power of Routines - Over 700 Scripts, Lines and Routines
Author:Jack N. Raven
Publisher:JNR Publishing - 2015-09-26


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