Seeing Magic

Seeing Magic

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qI.Don't.Want.To.GoqMaggie's lament goes unheeded, her mother is keeping secrets, her brother knows more than he should, and all of her summer plans are ruined. What now?Fifteen-year old Maggie is a California city girl. When she's sent to spend the summer with relatives she's never met in the wild Blue Ridge Mountains, she finds herself surrounded by strangers with odd rituals and frightening habits. Her Great-Aunt is brusque and regimental. Her only companion is a gorgeous seventeen-year old psychic, but he treats her like she just ruined his life. The villagers are slightly more than human, and other residents aren't human at all. Maggie discovers the natural world is filled with magic and not all of it is good. Humans, magical beings and animals are becoming deathly ill but no one knows why. As the epidemic spreads, a desperate act unlocks Maggie's dormant gifts. Her healing vision is the only thing that can find the source of the disease. She has to act fast, or hundreds will die.SEEING MAGIC was a first round winner of the 2013 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest.Here's what the ABNA Expert Reviewer had to say:This is a fun piece. It's a very easy read.Maggie is a good character and her little brother is great. I love the way everyone, including the little brother, is in on all the secrets - except Maggie. The author does a good job of letting the reader in on the secrets, while keeping Maggie in the dark. The hint of future romance we've seen so far is very nice. Evan is hot and you'll have all your female readers sighing over him. If I were reading this as a kindle sample, I would buy it immediately. This has a perfect YA feel which will appeal to any girl out there. The touches of magic are right on target with today's reader, and your hero is stellar. The writing style is extremely engaging. This is very good and should be a four star novel at least, possibly five. It's a very relaxing and pleasant read.Reviews from fellow authors on say...John Lovell - Author of JASON CROWTHER: THE SWORD OF BARRAqSEEING MAGIC is one of the most addictive books I've seen on this site. It is a powerful Young Adult story that deals with a variety of coming of age issues which also has a fantastic fantasy and mystery element to it. There are many original ideas with characters that are interesting and quite unique.Maggie is an exceptional main character. She adapts quickly and is often mature in her behavior, even with the constant thoughts of Evan. She always goes for the right choice, and is brave in this new world. She's respectful to those around her and goes through quite a lot in the story.Evan is a great support character. I'm so glad he didn't end up being this typical moody guy that YA books often have.q Desni Dantone - Author of IGNITEDqThis is really, really good. I'm enjoying the gradual development of friendship between Maggie and Evan...I've got to say, it's soooo interesting. This blend of magic and secrets you have weaved so well together. Just when I think I've got something figured out, you throw in something else. And the budding smell of romance is in the air.The humor is great. Maggie's funny. The natural progression feels right and, well, natural! It's not forced or overdone... it's just happening... Oh, so many good parts.qIsabel_Mac - Author of THE WATCHERSq...this is an intriguing story with some very original ideas and I've never read anything quite like it! It's one of those books that makes me wish that life really was this cool...qChris Bostic - Author of FUGITIVES FROM NORTHWOODSqYour dialogue is spot on, your characterizations are fantastic, and the overall premise of this girl moving to a small town for the summer, presumably to learn more about this mystic nature her mother possesses, is too wonderful.qShe has to act fast, or hundreds will die.SEEING MAGIC was a first round winner of the 2013 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest.Herea#39;s what the ABNA Expert Reviewer had to say:This is a fun piece.

Title:Seeing Magic
Author:Laura Emmons
Publisher: - 2013-06-28


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