Self-Interest: Volume 14

Self-Interest: Volume 14

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'[T]he good man should be a lover of self.' Aristotle wrote. 'For he will both himself profit by doing noble acts, and will benefit his fellows a€b '. Yet in much of contemporary moral philosophy, concern for one's own interests is considered a non-moral issue, while concern for the interests of others is paradigmatically moral. Indeed, a central issue in ethical theory involves the proper balance to be struck between prudence and morality, between the pursuit of one's own good and the pursuit of the good of others. When deliberating over what action to take, should one weigh one's own interests more heavily than those of others? Or is it possible to accommodate both self-interest and regard for others, to show that we have self-regarding reasons for helping others? The twelve essays in this volume - written from a range of perspectives - address these questions and examine related issues.... slaves, and manual laborers (Politics 1278a3-9); indeed, he thinks that manual laborers ought to be drawn exclusively from a ... law-abiding persons, each his own master yet each his brothera#39;s keeper, was first definitely formed among the Greeks, and its ... (PE 271) As the last ... for and control over production, distribution, and the organization of his labor process, manual labor can 150 DAVID O. BRINK.

Title:Self-Interest: Volume 14
Author:Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller, Jr
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1997-05-28


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