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Selfies by Haje Jan Kamps is ultimately a celebration of the culture of social networking, the world where you aren't anybody until you have a photo of yourself, and what that photo says is critically important. Whether you're an artist soul, or you want to show your smoldering hot side, this cheeky, sexy, and loud book will show you how to depict these parts of you through photography. With pictures and stories from the best of the best, gather tips for photographing yourself and learn how to take selfies.Learn how to portray innocence and drama, tell stories with your photo, use costumes and props during your shoot, shoot on location or in action, and much more. Gather the photography skills you need to capture the look you want, and learn how to edit your photos after the shoot to add layers, highlights, and more. In Selfies you'll find: 11 chapters filled with photography editing tips to help ease clarify the process of taking selfies Advice for using mobile apps utilizing other techniques to perfect your pictures A plethora of visual examples to clarify techniques ideas presented in the booka€œI currently am stillusingthesame Samsung GX-10DSLRI bought five years ago. ... lens, a 10a€“20mm wide-angle lens, a couple of older manual focus lenses, a 50mm A’/2.0 and a 135mm A’/2.5, and a DA* 50a€“135mm A’/2.8 lens that is worth more than the camera itself. ... Oh, Ialso have an off-camera flash anda cheap tripod.

Author:Haje Jan Kamps
Publisher:HOW Books - 2014-02-12


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