Sell It Online 2

Sell It Online 2

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Do you want to make money online, without all of the hassle of selling on eBay or Amazon? Hey everybody, Nick Vulich here. My last book Sell It Online enjoyed a really good run on Kindle, and did a great job helping thousands of people figure out how to make money selling products and services online. But, a lot of people I talked with about that book said they didna€™t want to sell online. They were interested in other ways of making money, where you didna€™t have to mortgage your soul to eBay, Amazon, or Fiverr. Many of these people were already successful online sellers. They wanted to cut the cord to these big sites. They wanted to stop listing and shipping items. They didna€™t want to rush off to the post office to mail packages anymore. They were tired of dealing with customer service issues. Is any of this sounding familiar, yet? Many of them told me, they were looking for new ways to make money on line, without all of the stress and worry. And, that got me to thinking about where my life has gone. Several years ago I started an online jobsite. Ita€™s not a huge money maker, but ita€™s consistent, and once I put it together, it requires just an hour or two of maintenance per week. I also put together several blogs. Again, theya€™re not huge money makers, but they provide a steady stream of income, and theya€™re a blast to run. No products to ship. No deadlines to make. I can post info on them at my own pace. And, perhaps the best online moneymaker Ia€™ve discovered so far is Kindle book writing and publishing. Ita€™s fun. Every new book presents its own challenges, and often times great rewards when it starts selling. The only thing is a€“ Dona€™t let anyone fool you, and tell you Kindle book publishing is a source for passive income. You cana€™t just slap a book up and forget it. You need to be tweaking your books, book descriptions, and book covers every day. If you dona€™t, youa€™re not going to sell many books. Online training and coaching is another great way to make money online. The fact is writing Kindle Books and blogging are normally a lead into coaching. As you write more and more about a subject, people begin looking to you as an expert, and that opens up a new world of opportunities. So if youa€™re tired of online selling, or just want to branch out a bit and spread your wings and fly, Sell It Online 2 can help you figure it all out. Ita€™s not going to make you a million dollars. Ita€™s not going let you quit your day job, not right away anyhow. But it will probably help you make the payment on a new house, or that new Beamer youa€™ve been eyeing for the last several years.How to Make Money with Your Own Website, Blog, Kindle Book, or by Coaching aamp;Training Nick Vulich. Thank you for ... As with anything else in life results can vary, based on the time you invest and your approach to implementing the various ideas and strategies given. If you find the ... If you know someone who is dreaming about starting a career in online sales, gift them a copy or two. Finally, I want toanbsp;...

Title:Sell It Online 2
Author:Nick Vulich
Publisher:Nick Vulich -


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