Sensational Movie Monologues

Sensational Movie Monologues

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The monologue. It's one of the established traditions in theatrical drama. In theatrical drama, the monologue is a sublime expression: an affirmation of self. It is through the monologue that the character speaking actualizes him / herself. As theatre segued into film and the development of sound film technology, film could now speak. And speak it did - to millions throughout the world. But what was to happen to the monologue? Its fate as a dramatic tool was uncertain. No longer self-talk, it began to politicize the use of film dialogue. Now, the monologue was an argument, a summation, an assault. The film monologue was transfigured from self-assertion to self-actualization. It was now a potent dramatic tool again, fresh, invigorating and powerful. The 50 monologues collected in this book represent the scope of its potential: from the dramatic, political, feminist to the comical, emotional and fantastical. Each monologue is introduced as to historical context, set-up and character.The association between the cartoon and childrena#39;s entertainment was a given. However, there was a gifted animator by the name of Ralph Bakshi who felt that animation need not be for children and could be turned into a vehicle for adultanbsp;...

Title:Sensational Movie Monologues
Author:Robert Cettl - 2014-04-06


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