Sentimental Lady

Sentimental Lady

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While Skye Manchester was away at her second year of college, her mother Lorelei lost her battle with breast cancer. As Skye is driving home for the funeral she finds herself consumed with so many thoughts and questions. When she begins reading her mothera€™s old diaries she thinks shea€™s getting all the answers. The next morning Skye wakes up in a strange room and soon finds herself face to face with a teenage version of her mother. Ita€™s somehow 1978. Her mind is racing, but soon she relaxes and learns to just go with it. Through school, concerts, dances and just hanging out with Lorelei and her friends Skyea€™s many questions are answered. She witnesses great friendships, her parentsa€™ first date and her mothera€™s first love. Skye finds a friend in the woman she always called a€œMoma€. But, will the guilt she feels about not being there when her mother passed ever go away?I had to at least help payfor my car when I was in high school. The car had manual transmission. Skye was a little surprised. Shea#39;d only ever seen her mother drive automatic. Lorelei shifted gears smoothly as she sped down the streets towardanbsp;...

Title:Sentimental Lady
Author:Cassie Bundy
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01-31


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