Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse

Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse

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'It all started in 1975. I was fifteen years, three hundred and forty-four days old, nothing but a kid, albeit a kid they'd highlighted in The Year Book as a hard case. I was four months out of juvey, give or take, and I had a swagger, an edge, abrasion ...' ?So begins the hilarious, often vexed, and constantly twisted life story of Teri Louise Kelly in this first volume of her memoirs. Writing as the boy she once was, Teri takes us into the cloistered world of swanky hotels in England and Paris. She describes with solicitous accuracy the pranks, mind games and seedy morals of an ensemble of lunatics overlorded by a booze-addled despot. Set in the days when sadistic men ruled the ranges and disco pigs strutted their moves on highly polished dance ?oors, 'Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse' is a funny, savage and punchy read.My advice when you hear such dribble is immediately to cut up your credit card and consider taking a mail-order bride from one of those Latin American countries where the ... In the industrial kitchen food is cooked at very high temperatures.

Title:Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse
Author:Teri Louise Kelly
Publisher:Wakefield Press - 2010-06-01


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