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Children disappear all the time. It is in the news every day. Where do they go? What happens to them? Who has taken them? While covering a story for his tabloid newspaper, reporter Bentley Noble accidentally stumbles onto something else entirely . . . a story about something so unspeakable, he does not know if anyone will believe it . . . a story that pulls him down into the depths of evil and depravity and threatens his very life. With the help of a bestselling true-crime writer, Noble descends into the dark world of human trafficking, where fear and pain are tools of control and innocence is sold to the highest bidder. As a handful of good and decent people try to combat a monstrously powerful and all too real evil, some lives will be shattered, others will be ended . . . but none will be the same.He wore a heavy denim jacket over a flannel, plaid shirt and blue jeans with tan work boots operating the cara#39;s pedals and he looked like ... He seated him in aworn chair with cigarette burns and cat scratches on its brown upholstery, then he stepped back to remove ... a€œOh, well... the chain broke, and I just havena#39;t fixed it yet.

Author:Ray Garton
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-11-27


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