Shadow Account

Shadow Account

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His novels of big money and murder in the world of finance have earned New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey a richly deserved reputation as a master of suspense who always delivers a high yield. Now he raises the stakes, and the risk factor, in a new thriller that pits a young Wall Street player against corporate conspiracy and White House intriguea€”in a dangerous game of double crosses, dirty tricks, and deadly consequences. An investment banker in the maverick firm Phenix Capital, Conner Ashby is doing all right for himself. At twenty-seven, hea€™s practically the right-hand man of the companya€™s foundera€”a wealthy old pro looking to make a big comeback on The Street while grooming Conner for a place at the top. Between his career and his gorgeous girlfriend, ita€™s a good life, with every indication of getting even bettera€”until a wayward E-mail crosses Connera€™s computer, and plunges his near-perfect world into a terrifying downward spiral. a€œThe a€˜operationa€™ is way out of hand. If we dona€™t do something, ita€™s going to detonate.a€ Ita€™s a communication not meant for Connera€™s eyes, between people he doesna€™t know, about a company hea€™s never heard ofa€”a company thata€™s engaged in corporate fraud on a massive scale. With no way to trace the E-mail, ita€™s impossible for Conner to act on the volatile discovery. But with millions of dollars at stake, high-powered careers in the balance, and hell to pay if the truth comes out, whoever clicked the a€œsenda€ button by mistake isna€™t about to take any chances. And for Conner, the evening that began in the arms of a beautiful woman ends in a harrowing race for his life. As he follows a twisting trail of misdeeds and misinformation that stretches nationwide, Conner slowly uncovers a shocking plot as undeniably real as the gunshot wound in his arm. Now, surviving will mean struggling to expose the truth as relentlessly as his shadowy enemies seek to conceal ita€” and fighting for his life as ruthlessly as those determined to end it. At every unexpected turn, Shadow Account deftly reveals Stephen Freya€™s many and considerable gifts: his genius for plotting, his mastery of suspense, and his unmatched insight into the dark territory where finance meets felony, money meets mortality, and profit and loss are matters of life and death.The varsity football and baseball coaches at his public high school had pleaded with him to play for their teams, but by ninth ... way into the University of Southern California on a full scholarship by teaching the young son of an alumnus the finer points of catching a perfect wave. The alumnus, a prominent West Palm Beach surgeon who gave generously and often to Southern Cal, placed a few strategicanbsp;...

Title:Shadow Account
Author:Stephen Frey
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2004-02-03


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