Shadows of a Time Past

Shadows of a Time Past

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Other Writings by Dominic Perenzin The Wines of October is an absorbing book and the author has a wonderful gift for narrative. Ralph Ferraro, author of Child of Wonder and Quest. [Dominic Perenzin's] writing is clear and picturesque. Josh Furman, Rivercross Publishing The author's work The Wink was the recipient of a 2004 special award from the Florida Freelance Writers Association The author's writings have been honored by the Florida Freelance Writers Association and by Writer's Digest Excerpts Shadows of a Time Past Hours later, when the embers of the fire had died out, a few spectators converged on the blackened remains of Father Grandier, and, burning their fingers in the process, poked around the dust hunting for the charred remains of teeth, fragments of skull and ribs to be used as amulets against future evils. (France, August 18, 1634) A late night infomercial from the U.S. offered a CD said to contain the voice of Satan himself recorded during Catholic, Islamic and Protestant Evangelical exorcisms. The CD was not for everyone, for the voice was so evil and macabre that people had been known to faint upon hearing it. Listeners were asked to dial 800-DEMONIC and have their credit cards ready. Price $29.95 for each CD and $9.95 for each cassette. (United States August 18, 2000)Do you have an estimate of the costs of repairing your car?a€ Not taking his eyes off her, Ted pulled a paper from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to her. She unfolded it. The letterhead read, a€œFranklin Auto Repaira€ under which was anbsp;...

Title:Shadows of a Time Past
Author:Dominic Perenzin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03


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