Shake That Brain

Shake That Brain

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Joel Saltzman teaches readers how to create qsurprising, yet inevitableq solutions, no matter the challenge or task at hand. Easily. Consistently. And economically. Shake That Brain! is a collection of creative and inspiring tips and tools for finding solutions in a variety of areas-from sales, marketing, and product creation to ethics, innovation, and the bottom line. Backed by powerful and compelling examples from a wide variety of real-life applications, Joel Saltzman delivers energy, edge-and lots of fun-as he guides readers through a series of proven formulas for creating outstanding solutions, from harnessing the power of opposite thinking to turning your worst ideas into your best ideas ever. Filled with exercises, easy-to-apply formulas, entertaining pop-quizzes, and eye-opening teaching examples from the world of business, technology, advertising, and more, here's a solution-finding guidebook that can be used for succeeding on the job or at home. Joel Saltzman is a professional speaker, consultant, and bestselling author. He has conducted Shake That Brain! programs for Grey Advertising International, Harley Davidson, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Warner Bros. Studios. His work has been called qwitty and rewardingq by People Magazine and he's the recipient of a national Audie award for qBest Educational and Training Audio.q His website is www.shakethatbrain.comYoua#39;re wondering whether to buy a new blender when the sales clerk cleverly says: a€œWould you like the blue one or the ... drivea€”a€œmanuala€ or a€œautomatic, a€ allowing you to have, in effect, an automatic transmission AND a manual transmission.

Title:Shake That Brain
Author:Joel Saltzman
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2006-03-27


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