Shakespeare on screen : Macbeth

Shakespeare on screen : Macbeth

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This addition to the Shakespeare on Screen series reveals the remarkable presence of Macbeth in the global Shakespearean screenscape. What is it about Macbeth that is capable of extending beyond Scottish contexts and speaking globally, locally and a€œglocallya€? Does the extensive adaptive reframing ofMacbeth suggest the paradoxical irrelevance of the original play? After examining the evident topic of the supernatural elementsa€”the witches and the ghosta€”in the films, the essays move from a revisitation of the well-known American screen versions, to an analysis of more recent Anglophone productions and to world cinema (Asia, France, South Africa, India, Japan, etc.). Questions of lineage and progeny are broached, then extended into the wider issues of gender. Finally, ballet remediations, filmic appropriations, citations and mises-en-abyme of Macbeth are examined, and the book ends with an analysis of a Macbeth script that never reached the screen. Ce nouvel ouvrage de la sAcrie Al Shakespeare An la€™Accran Ar rAcvAule la prAcsence remarquable de Macbeth dans le paysage filmique shakespearien An la€™Acchelle mondiale. Comment expliquer qua€™une piAuce dont la€™intrigue est ancrAce dans une nation, la€™A‰cosse, ait pu Aotre absorbAce par des cultures aussi diverses ? Les multiples adaptations de Macbeth suggAurent-elles, de maniAure paradoxale, une moindre pertinence de la piAuce originelle ? AprAus avoir explorAc la reprAcsentation des AclAcments surnaturels (les sorciAures et le fantAame), le volume revisite les films amAcricains Al canoniques Ar, les productions anglophones plus rAccentes et les versions da€™autres aires culturelles (Asie, France, Afrique du Sud, Inde, Japon, etc.) Les questions de lignAce et de descendance sont abordAces, puis prolongAces dans des articles sur la reprAcsentation du genre. Les versions dansAces, les appropriations, les citations et les mises en abyme de Macbeth sont ensuite analysAces, et ce parcours mAune An un Actrange objet a€“ un scAcnario non filmAc.hundreds of essays, a variety of anthologies, and several book-length studieson Shakespearean adaptationappeared. ... on theone hand, and, for example, Indian, Taiwanese, Japanese, or Chinese appropriations of Shakespearea#39;s texts, anbsp;...

Title:Shakespeare on screen : Macbeth
Author:Sarah HATCHUEL, Nathalie VIENNE-GUERRIN, Victoria BLADEN
Publisher:Publication Univ Rouen Havre - 2013-12-20


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