Shakespeare Without Fear

Shakespeare Without Fear

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As a high school and college student, Mary Janell Metzger sat through old-school lectures that swamped Shakespeare in literary tradition and form, leaving no breathing room for individual interpretation. As a teacher, she yearned to connect students to Shakespeare's plays, and in Shakespeare Without Fear she tells you how she finally removed the barrier between text and inquiry by focusing on the rich interactive possibilities between student, teacher, and bard. Shakespeare Without Fear offers methods that will get students emotionally and imaginatively involved with the plays while developing their capacity for critical judgment. Ideal for the experienced teacher as well as for the English Education methods course, Shakespeare Without Fear first debunks the idolatry and polarizing academic politics surrounding the study of Shakespeare and then allays reader anxieties by setting up the plays as engaging historical works instead of items to check off a cultural literacy list. Next Metzger takes you into real classrooms for a complete look at how she and other educators teach several major works, including Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, offering both a framework for teaching any Shakespearean drama and play-specific essential questions for teaching ten of his other most popular plays. Covering topics like teaching to standards, the challenges nonnative speakers face reading Shakespeare, and formatting lessons for AP instruction, Shakespeare Without Fear will help you create conditions where Shakespeare explodes off the page and into the imaginations of your students.See also youth Catcher in the Rye and, 45 Columbine massacre and, 56-58, 60 Hamlet and, 45-47 parent sand, ... and, 45-47 Advanced Placement (AP) English, 69-85 communal experience and, 77, 82 criticism of, 69, 77-85 defense of, ... 69 purposes of, 69-70 requirements for, 80 Shakespeare studies and, 10 teacher views on, 71-73 tests, 69, 70, 71-73, ... 58, 65, 94-95, 96 Aronson, Elliot, 56, 57 As You Like It (Shakespeare), 87, 115 essential questions for, 123 Aughterson, Kate, anbsp;...

Title:Shakespeare Without Fear
Author:Mary Janell Metzger
Publisher:Heinemann Educational Books - 2004


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