Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets

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Over the past decade, leadership development has operated as a separate entity in international companies, focusing primarily on the challenge of globalization and how companies should nurture local talent to better manage their operations in new markets. An on-going task, many companies have designed and implemented good practices to tackle this important issue. However in order to adapt to fast changing environments, organisations must encourage entrepreneurial mindsets to ensure their leaders behave like agile entrepreneurs, can respond to the latest market developments and lead through a crisis. Drawing on the latest thinking by leading international scholars, Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets explores new research on innovation strategy, design thinking, technology based innovation, intrapreneurship and the role that senior managers can play. It reveals how companies can generate a more solid entrepreneurial mindset among their pool of talent and how to integrate this into the firm's wider strategy to create sustainable impact. Also examining the role of management education programmes, the scope of the contributions is to consider how to develop leaders who can operate in different geographies and business functions and transfer their experience across borders.Early calculations show that about 65% of the revenues of the iPhone sale price accrued to Apple. But different ... On average a posted problem generates about 200 serious investigations and receives about 10 solutions. In 30% of the casesanbsp;...

Title:Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Author:Jordi Canals
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2015-09-30


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