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Do you need to get back in control of your cash? Do you want to understand your money emotions? Are you happy to talk about sex, make-up and shoes, but shy about your financial feelings? With more and more women stepping up to take charge of their financial destiny, SHECONOMICS will help you master your money and understand the complex feelings that can stand in your way. Whether you want tips on taking emotional control of your finances, choosing monetary goals and planning how to achieve them, paying off loans, sorting out pensions, investing, spending or simply living within your means, this is the book for you. Karen and Simonne have devised seven simple yet effective laws of 'sheconomics' to help you change your attitude to personal finance, get your money madness under control and secure a financial future that doesn't depend on Prince Charming or a lottery ticket. With real-life stories, case-studies and experiences gathered from years of working in the world of money, SHECONOMICS is a no-nonsense-easy-to-follow financial guide, written for women by women.Dona#39;t take this kind of risk, unless you can always afford to ride out the bad times a€“ you dona#39;t want to be forced to sell when things take a turn for the worse. Dona#39;t be caught out: check out your credit rating Before you apply for new credit, take a look at your credit rating. ... Apply for a credit report from Experian (www.experian or Equifax ( Youa#39;ll ... Try where you can compare loans and credit cards from lots of lenders using a Smart anbsp;...

Author:Karen J. Pine, Simonne Gnessen
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-01-17


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