Shoes for Anthony

Shoes for Anthony

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a€˜Theya€™re running wild. Feral! If I had a shilling for every time a Scott Street boy said he was doing something when he was doing something else entirely Ia€™d be living in Cardiff in a house made of Lardy cake. What did I say? Bad things will happen!a€™ The idea of the war coming to their small, impoverished Welsh mining village always seemed remote, but with one explosive event and the arrival of the Americans preparing for the invasion of France, the people of Treherbert find their world turned upside down. But war brings distrust, lies and danger. And as the villagers find themselves hopelessly divided, Anthony, an 11-year-old who hasna€™t had a pair of shoes in years, is going to have to choose between what is popular and what is right. Joyous, thrilling and nostalgic, Emma Kennedya€™s Shoes For Anthony will have you wiping your eyes one moment and beaming from ear-to-ear the next.Sit on the kerb, Ant. Let me have a look at you.a#39; She picked up the gas mask box shea#39;d dropped on the flagstone and clicked the hinge in its centre. Pulling out a small pink handkerchief, she spat on it and rubbed at my eyebrow. a#39;Got coal dust anbsp;...

Title:Shoes for Anthony
Author:Emma Kennedy
Publisher:Random House - 2015-05-07


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