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The book Siblings tells the story about the struggle of a Chinese family during the pre- and postwar years in Hong Kong. Based on recollections of the author and his two older brothers, the author wrote about how his eldest brother had started from nothing to become a successful entrepreneur and how he took care of his sister and younger brothers in a subtle way by helping them in their lives, their families, and their careers. The book covers more than a half century of events about the family in the tiny city of Hong Kong. As Hong Kong grew from a poor British colony into a thriving city and an important financial center, the family also prospered. The children of Siblings are now living in Hong Kong, North America, Europe, and Australia. The author of the book is the youngest son, and to express his gratitude toward his siblings, especially his eldest brother, he wrote this book as a token of appreciation and honor to him. With the book, the author is hoping that the offspring would learn about their roots and, more importantly, about sibling relationship and sibling bond.... pre-cut garment fabrics from a nearby garment factory and did the sewing at home, using a manual Singer sewing machine. ... Foo also took his kid brother to the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park which was where Sin had the most fun, or to the anbsp;...

Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-05-08


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