SIMD Programming Manual for Linux and Windows

SIMD Programming Manual for Linux and Windows

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The book is intended as a programmera€™s introduction to the use of SIMD on PCs. It presents the underlying technology of SIMD processing on current PCs and looks at tools to exploit this including the Intel SIMD library and the Parallel Processing Language Vector Pascal. It explains how to cast algorithms in parallel to exploit the parallel processing capability of standard PCs obtaining large performance gains relative to conventional sequential compilers. It assumes a familiarity with imperative programming but not specifically with Pascal. It does not assume any prior familiarity with the SIMD programming model. The language translation system will be available either as a downloadable for Linux or Windows in association with the book. This book will be particularly useful for programmers in the rapidly growing area of games and multi-media entertainment, and it would also to academics interested in parallel programming techniques or array programming languages.Consider Figure 7.1: suppose we want to measure how far v2 extends in the direction of vl. Geometrically this can be done by constructing the right- angled triangle 0, P, v2 shown, and then measuring its base O, P. This is the projection of v2anbsp;...

Title:SIMD Programming Manual for Linux and Windows
Author:W. Paul Cockshott, Kenneth Renfrew
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-05-18


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