Simple Dutch on the Go

Simple Dutch on the Go

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I would to make some comments for the benefit of all Amazon readers and customers in response the recent review of this book by Jason C. This reviewer has characterized me (Dave Luton) as having qno shameq and as being (apparently) a writer who purposely offers a shoddy product to unsuspecting readers for monetary gain. To respond to this, I would like to say that I consider it reasonable to complain about a product when you don't feel that it gave you a good value for your money. Such as person is also within his rights to request a refund, which Amazon allows according to their policies. But to question the motives, character and morality of someone whom you likely don't even know, I do not consider to be necessary in this case or even appropriate. Yes, I would like to improve this book and all of my books by adding more material and by making other corrections and improvements. I have been continually doing so and have paid attention to and valued customer feedback, both good and bad. All of this I have mentioned on my Amazon author profile (David S. Luton). And regarding paperback profits, the truth is that I make comparatively little money (less than a sixth of Kindle profits) with the paperback version of my books. However, I believe that it's important to offer paper versions of my books (which are self-published with Amazon CreateSpace) because I believe that customers should have a choice, and some customers still prefer paper books to digital ones. Along those lines, after reading the negative review, I decided to look to see what other books were available for learning Dutch, and I saw that there were at least three or four that had a similar price to mine and that were highly rated by readers. In all honestly, potential customers should consider that if the other books are similarly priced and if the others are highly rated and mine is not, then maybe that should be taken into consideration before buying. I also recommend taking a sample look at the initial pages or asking for a sample of the Kindle book which you can look at even without owning a Kindle device. If for whatever reason you cannot obtain a free sample directly from Amazon, then you can write to me at and I will gladly send you one. For the time being I will continue to make this book available in paperback in part in case someone reads a sample of the Kindle version, likes it and wants it in the paper format. I've also made most of my books available in the Kindle MatchBook program which means that if you buy a paper copy you can get the Kindle version for a reduced price or free (in my case, the Kindle version is free). And if someone can find a book for a competitive price that better meets his or her needs, then I am happy, even if it isn't my book. I firmly believe that in the end, the customer should win. That's one of the few things about capitalism that I actually like. As for Jason C, I'm sorry that my book wasn't to his liking and I hope that he can obtain a refund in accordance with CreateSpace Amazon policy, which is his right. But a shameless person, I am not. Not even on a bad day.BOOK DESCRIPTION: This book is intended to be a basic introduction to the Dutch language for beginners. It does not contain exercises or audio cds.Table of Contents1. Introduction2. Pronunciation3. In the Classroom4. Greetings and Farewells5. Friends, Family, and Introductions6. The Verb zijn (to be) and Professions7. Countries and Cities8. The Verb gaan (to go) and Places in Town9. Age and Numbers10. Describing People and Clothing11. Colors12. Days, Months, Seasons13. Telling Time14. The Home15. The Weather16. The Human Body17. Animals18. Nature19. Food and Drinks20. Demonstratives, Pronouns, Other Words21. Adjectives and Comparisons22. Basic Verb Forms and Constructions23. Verb Forms Listed Alphbetically24. Quick Reference Verbs (English/Dutch)25. Quick Reference Verbs (Dutch/English)26. About the AuthorsI would to make some comments for the benefit of all Amazon readers and customers in response the recent review of this book by Jason C. This reviewer has characterized me (Dave Luton) as having aquot;no shameaquot; and as being (apparently) a writer ...

Title:Simple Dutch on the Go
Author:Dave Luton, Marco Schuffelen
Publisher: - 2014-05-04


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