Simple Lessons Learned Along The Way

Simple Lessons Learned Along The Way

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Often times we move through life taking each day as it comes, rarely looking at our situations, much less evaluating them. This fast-reading, delightful book takes a brief look at life lessons that have presented themselves along the way. It may be in an airport, driving a vehicle, watching a moviea€”just about anywhere. God invades our senses and reaches out to us through situations and circumstances. Some call it a God-thing or a God-moment, but theya€™re just run of the mill times that we recognize the hand of God. Perhaps ita€™s been there all along, but this time, this specific time, we become aware; or maybe He attacks our state of being unaware of what has always been available? Many times I have walked passed mirrors completely unaware of myself or the reflection. Other times I stop and take a look. Likewise, many times God is reaching out, and Ia€™m passing unaware that He wants me to stop and reflect. Ia€™ve missed an important encounter with Him. What follows in this book are some encounters I didna€™t miss. And maybe theya€™ll help you along your way, give you pause to reflect, and meet God somewhere in the process.Our washing machine went out. ... I could hear clicking and noises that made me think the electronics were working fine, but somehow the motor wasna#39;t getting ... Got down on the ground and pushed and pulled wires. Thumped a few things; gave the motor a good knock. Started it all up again but without any improvement.

Title:Simple Lessons Learned Along The Way
Author:Craig Wagganer
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-10-27


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