Simply Living

Simply Living

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Each of us has a tribal ancestry. We carry within us an ancient identity. Most of us took the technological path from this source: logical, analytical, exclusive, specialized, centralized. A very small minority has remained on the path of their ancestors: holistic, intuitive, inclusive, diversified, and generalized. Their lives are organized along simpler lines, simpler living. While critically endangered in most parts of the world, and disappearing as larger technological cultures surround and dilute them, the last strains of their wisdom live on today. Most of us now are trying to simplify our technological lives, to bring our existence more into line with the wisdom of nature and community. Simply Living gathers wisdom from 240 ethnic groups on every continent about this way of life, seeking to find a voice that harkens back to our ancient identity. This is wisdom based in villages and tribes, wisdom built on awareness of the natural world and awareness of the basic human needs often ignored by modern life. Often funny and eccentric, the quotes offered here avoid glorifying indigenous people and instead seek to show the full texture of human experience while revealing the common truths we share.The Spirit of the Indigenous People Shirley Jones. ABOUT THE ART Based on rock paintings made at Tassili ... Dates and events were recorded through a system of dots, bars, faces, and hands. Water or ... 25oo B.C. Based on Australian Aboriginal stencils in clay, with extensive use of aquot;Uaquot; symbols, representing child spirits.

Title:Simply Living
Author:Shirley Jones
Publisher:New World Library - 2011-02-08


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