Sin Boldly!

Sin Boldly!

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Cheeky, original, and decidedly practical to boot, Sin Boldly! is unlike any other writing handbook available. Jammed with sage advice, genuine encouragement, and surprising examples (of how to write and how not to write), this book gives beginning writers and confident students alike an easy-to-follow roadmap for improving one of the most important skills for success. En route to Sin Boldly!-induced, A+ paper bliss, readers encounter such topics asAm Choosing a Topic and Telling Your Story (qK.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple, Stupidq)Am Literary Games (featuring qFrancobabble for Freshmanq)Am Choosing a Voice (qDissing the Profq)Am Grammatical Horrors (qA does not equal theyq)Am Common Mistakes (qHopefully and Other Controversiesq)Fully revised and updated with new examples, quizzes, and tips, Sin Boldly! is not only a comprehensive guide, but also a fantastic, fun read for anyone who wants to write clearly and effectively .Dr. Davea#39;s Guide To Writing The College Paper Dave Williams. credibility. ... a€œ Beating the System, a€ as the essay was called, listed three basic approaches to writing exam essays: the Vague Generality (VG), the Artful Equivocation (AE), and theanbsp;...

Title:Sin Boldly!
Author:Dave Williams
Publisher:Basic Books - 2009


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