Sin City

Sin City

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Predators For more than five decades, bestselling author Harold Robbins has thrilled millions of readers with tales heavy in action, ruthless characters, international intrigue, and the sexiest people ever captured in print. Now in Sin City, he takes us to a town famous for all these, Las Vegas. Jack qLuckyq Riordan is anything but lucky. The illegitimate son of Howard Hughes, he and his mother are cast out of Las Vegas when Hughes learns of the pregnancy, only for Jack to return years later to make his fortune. Jack might not have luck. But he has an eye for a quick con. His skills soon allow him to climb the ladder as head of security for one of Glitter Gulch's most ruthless casinos, where cheating will get you jail, if you're not crippled by security first. Jack sees it all: the corruption of fast money, the ways his friends will stab in the back for a shot at a jackpot, and the allure of women who will do anything to hit the big time. But the big time in Vegas always comes at a cost . . . and Jack is about to learn the price of life in Sin City.Ripping off the casino under my nose was as good as ripping me off, and by putting the bank accounts in my name they were ... a€œBring in Windell Palmer, get him in on the pretext that we need something electronic repaired immediately.

Title:Sin City
Author:Harold Robbins
Publisher:Macmillan - 2003-08-18


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