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Sincere's early years match my own in so many ways. I was raised on the south side of Chicago, and took to the streets and the drug and gang culture as a pre-teen. Before my high school class made it to graduation, I was already in prison. As a child, I lived as an adult, and the Feds sentenced me accordingly. Now, at the age of 27, with 10 years in, I'm able to see the error of my old ways. I now use my experiences and credibility to help others that are still blinded by the shine to see the true consequences of the grind, so that maybe they can avoid missing out on as much life as I have. In writing Sincere, my goal was to introduce the reader to the real people, real struggles, and real consequences with only a small bit of fantasy entertainment in between. If the blunt rawness of the story troubles you, I have done well in accurately describing a life that so many of us risked death to live.We were dressed in Timb boots, jeans, and hoodies under our new Starter coats. All of which were ... I thought chyall already knew the demo, a€ B-Dub replied, leading us to a red Ford Taurus. As we rode down ... B-Dub was yet to do any business with Doug, because his pockets were still young. He was waiting until his bankanbsp;...

Author:Barry Ellis
Publisher:Penknife Press - 2010-02


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