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She walked away from him oncea€b Struggling to live with her decision to walk away from the only man she ever loved and watching helplessly while her brother succumbs to his battle with severe PTSD, NSA analyst Claire Tierneya€™s life is at an all time low. The final hit comes when she accesses classified information at work that might get her fired. Instead, shea€™s assigned to a joint taskforce charged with hunting down a Taliban assassin planning an attack on American soil, and finally has something productive to focus on. Until she meets the rest of the team and learns shea€™ll be working with the last person on earth she wants further contact with; her ex. She knows letting him go was the biggest mistake of her life, but just when she thinks things cana€™t get any worse, new intel points to the assassina€™s intended target. Her. This time hea€™s not letting her goa€b As a former Special Forces Master Sergeant and second-in-command of his Titanium Security team, Gage Wallace can handle anything, except being forced to go through life without Claire. When she abruptly walked out on him six months ago, his whole world caved in. Ita€™s clear shea€™s still determined to keep her distance, but when shea€™s named a possible target of the very cell theya€™re trying to dismantle, Gage will stop at nothing to ensure shea€™s safe. When tragedy destroys Clairea€™s defenses and the explosive desire between them ignites once more, this time hea€™s not letting her go. Too late they discover that the danger confronting them is far greater than anyone ever realized, and ita€™s a race against time to stop a terrorist from unleashing hell on them all.More content than shea#39;d been in months, she closed her eyes and let herself slide back into sleep. ... was more in love with her than ever, and if she still didna#39;t feel the same way he needed to know. His guts ... than sex, even if it was the best hea#39;d ever had, and the explosive attraction between them had never been the problem anyway. ... If I didna#39;t wear you out like I thought I did, I must be losing my touch.

Author:Kaylea Cross
Publisher:Kaylea Cross Inc. - 2014-07-04


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