Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

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Ruthlessly manipulated for most of his adult life by a cunning enemy posing as his friend, half drowned and enslaved in the Congo and hoodwinked in New York, Doctor James Parker slides into a deep pit of depression. Utterly consumed by misery and grief with his best friend and his fiancAc missing, his family decimated by the death of his father and his beloved sister, he is past listening to reason and believes he has every reason to kill his generous benefactor, the man he blames for all his misfortunes. But the gallows await! ~~~~~After a cruel start in life, abandoned outside an orphanage as a baby, Billy Turpin grows up to become big, strong and handsome, a natural and highly successful entrepreneur running several companies. Greedy councillors, gullible men and women are willingly hypnotized by his wealth, his easy confidence and charismatic charm. But one person suspects he is also a psychopathic killer with a very personal and mysterious grudge against him, his family and friends.Two people whose paths were doomed to cross even before they were born, with the most tragic consequences imaginable for all concerned.Most of the room had fitted wardrobes with mirrored, sliding doors. Walking over to a mirror in the middle section, Eugene reached inside and handed James a sealed package to pass on to the New York connection. They shook hands andanbsp;...

Title:Sins of the Father
Author:Harry Riley
Publisher:Pneuma Springs Publishing - 2009-11-30


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